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Precitools is the Italian industrial solutions provider: supplies of tube bending tools, punching tools for punching machines and presses, bending tools for press brakes, punch and die grinders and other industrial machinery.
We are operating inside with EU and outside EU countries and will be pleased for your orders and requests.

To promote us more on the market we started the blog to make the notes about different technologies, market pictures, explanations connected with our field of work (tube and sheetmetal fabrication). Moreover we are still interested in general manufacturing technologies. We hope that this blog could be helpful for any person who is interested in the field or plans to purchase his first machine with new technology. We duplicate the same posts and notes at most general accounts and social networks so you are free to follow us at any platform. Do you have interesting thing to tell? Tell us and we can publish it as the note with the linking to your original source. We like interesting industrial things.

To contact us:

Via B. Crespi, 19
MAC 4 – 4°Piano
20159, Milano (MI), Italy
Tel. +39 0280886585
Main e-mail: info (at)

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