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Beautiful tube bending

Beautiful tube bending

For sure tube bending process is functional. Could it be really beautiful? Sure if we are talking about motorcycle tubes. Usually the beauty of industrial product is the beauty of the final product, isn’t it?

Unfortunately for standard motorcycles all tubes and pipes, especially exhausts are hided with the covers for the functional use and the protection. So about the tubing outside probably you can see something from the frame and the handlebar.

And quite other thing if we will talk about the design likes cruisers or choppers. This is quite other thing where the beauty and the fashion together with solid sounds stay outside of standard functionality and for sure where the exhaust system is the part of the fashion. Do you know the difference between motorcycle and chopper? Chopper is custom made cruiser with lot of standard parts chopped out but usually with the big extension of bended bars, longer frame and exhaust tubing. Movies, stories and long US roads made the complete advertisement for travel motorcycles and there is no normal man who doesn’t dream about it!

Together with car industry the motorcycle market is very important for tube bending machines industry. The reason of this is also the beautiful design which could be the part of the aggressive promotion with the great feedback even from people who stay away from industry.

Moreover it is interesting job and there a lot of production sites and agencies who deal with motorcycle tubing with the powerful machinery with tube draw bending tools. Sure thing because the chopper is custom made usually to produce serial production they deal with different exhaust kits. And what is the global part of the tubing in standard chopper? More than 50%?

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