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Used machine tools market

Used machine tools market

Used machine tools – chances for the production or the subject to ignore? We do not have the study about the economy of used machine tools market and doubt that there are professional studies of it. Usually all values are written for new machines because it is part of fabrication, work of industrial associations, trade chambers etc. But we can say that the used machine tools market is also extremely big.

Is it a possibility to find a diamond? Probably now. The reason that together with the big part of end-users who sell their machine because of different reasons there are a lot of professional suppliers and traders who cover and try to reach the fresh information about machinery which has to been sold. In other words if the good machine will be published for a low price and you are not looking for all sources there is a big chance that the owner will have the contact with the professional trader to sell the machine to him.

Anyway it is still a good chance for the production to start the manufacture with the lower investment. New machine is serious investment and with the good support and service you have 100% trust to prevent any problems but you should remember that after 2-3 years even the machine will work not so much the price will be not more than 70-80% of the new one. And probably less.

Moreover there are a lot of cases of working machine which cost 40-60% of new one and are far away from the dead condition so you can work at least several years with it and if the machine is good probably also several dozen years. You can see even today working machines for sale which were manufactured 30 years ago and older.

The big problem for any new user is the trust – the machine is without the guarantee and the black spot about the machine condition. You can buy it and invest a lot of money tomorrow for repairing. Any chance to prevent it is to be experienced enough for check of the machine or hire the manufacturer’s service team to verify the condition. There is no friendly trust so you can order the skilled testing.

Used or new? It depends. Moreover if the machine is not for the mass market like 3-axis machining center probably you will find a good one for the really good price. As usual the price for the machine depends at the reasons how fast it could be sold and interesting for market.

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