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Grinding of curved tubes

Grinding of curved tubes

Why it is required? In many cases it is impossible or hard to prevent any marks and scratches after tube bending tools during the tube bending process. So finally you will have marks after the clamps which should be eliminated for the final part. Moreover it is more actual for small workshops with small series so you can’t send any tube to the galvanic line after.

So the solution is to use the hand grinder to remove the marks but the problem will be that finally you will have different surface after the work on the bended area and other tube surface. So the solution is only the machine grinding.

Any standard centerless grinder can’t perform this job so you should obtain the planetary grinding machine with the special possibility to work with curved tubes. This is usually the standard way to bend and to grind after the exhaust pipes for example. Moreover thanks for the grinding the machine could eliminate other marks from the tube which were obtained during the handling and production process.

Moreover the grinding is the solution to not afraid marks on the tube during the bending. Depends of the situation tube bending without marks or with low marks could be impossible – the light clamping will effect sliding and finally the rush of the bend itself. That is why for bending process it is important to find the right value between pressure of clamping to perform the normal bend of the tube.

Who requires? Everybody with this problem with the notice that there are lot of limits of grinding for curved tubes, i.e. the radius of bending should be more than 2,5 – 3 times of the diameter etc.

Precitools is the sales agent for tube grinding machines of NS Maquinas in Italy. You are welcome for any request.

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