PRECITOOLS SRLS – is Italian industrial supplier for tube bending fabrication (bending tools manufacture and production), consulting for various tube fabrication processes – cutting, forming, flaring, deburring, polishing, welding, measuring, assembling with other elements etc; press brake tools for press brakes machine tools for main industrial clamping systems, consulting for various sheet metal proceed processes – cutting, punching, measuring, welding, deburring and polishing, assembling etc.; punching tooling for CNC punching machines.

What we offer?

Competitive market prices, high-quality tooling and solutions. 🇮🇹 For sure we offer for our customer great production and material quality and Italian origin products.

What you can get?

Complete technical study and consulting based on your application and offering the proper solution

What we service?

Realistic delivery times, shipment services to door, professional sales and after-sales support and project study.

As any company we are looking forward to attract more potential customers, to let know to everybody about our products and possibilities and all the ways to find the new orders. For this reason we are trying to establish more our presence in Internet and web to provide more information about us and we hope that we can share to interested persons our useful sources about tube and sheet metal tooling, production details and many more.


Punching tools for CNC punching machines

Punching tools of various shapes for CNC punching machines for sheet metal

Punching tools for CNC punching machines for Thick Turret system, Trumpf Style, various Multitool systems (MT-; XMT-; Multimatrix etc.) including standard and special shapes, forming and cluster applications and tooling holders for main systems.

We offer good quality, fast delivery times, technical assistance for forming and special applications as well as possibility to supply any consumable tooling for customers with other manufacturer’s holders. Punching tools could be also used if fit the system in special punching units for hydraulic stations and press brakes.

From single punches including the complete assembly and holders for Thick Turret (A, B, C, D, E – spring typed and with adjustments), Trumpf tooling with adapter, adjustment rings including Heavy Duty style and shearing punches and all main Multitools for Euromac, Durma, IMAC, Ermaksan etc. machinery.


Tube bending and tube forming tools for CNC tube bending and end-forming machines

Tube bending tools for CNC tube bending machines to bend the metal tubes and pipes

From mandrels to any machine till complete special sets for CNC tube bending machinery including clamps, pressure-dies, bending solid and structural dies, wiper-dies, collets or push bending rolls sets. We are able to verify the customer’s task and to provide our recommendations including mandrels and wiper construction and clamping solutions. Ability to construct the complete set of new tools for the new applications. We are able to follow main brand name and models of professional CNC tube benders in the world.

We can offer the preparation of tool from single bending to complete Multi-Stack (multi level) tooling with changing of radiuses, geometries, bend-in-bend configuration, hard clamping of small straight areas and many more.

More details at our website – tube bending tools

Separate website for German language – Rohrbiegewerkzeuge


Bending tools for press brakes

Press brake working zone with installed press brake tooling for bending of sheet metal

High quality standard and special press brake tools for all main worldwide clamping systems (Amada-Promecam, Trumpf-WILA, Beyeler-Bystronic, LVD, Weinbrenner, Colly-Ajial, HD special clamps and many others). We can deliver from stocked standard items within several days any special tooling made directly for your application and offer the qualified technical experience to provide the best bending solution. We also able to offer as standard stocked items as well as complete unique and individual tooling exactly for your part and application and complete engineering and technological study. We will show to our customers all the drawing, if necessary can analyze the complete bending sequence, inter-collissions, changing of steps during the bending, special tooling for several bends in one including complicated geometry like brackets or hinges.

More details at our website – press brake tools

Separate website for Germany, Austria – Abkantwerkzeuge DE

Separate website for Switzerland (DE/IT/FR languages) – Outils de presse plieuse


Blades for guillotine shears

Blades for guillotine shears for cutting of sheet metal

Shear blades for guillotine shears of different manufacturers according to the customer’s specification and blade constructions. Support of many European and worldwide brands including the shearing – punching centers of Prima Power / Finn Power and Danobat. High quality and high resistance of blade materials, precision manufacture and verification of material thickness to be cut. In addition we supply various type of blades and knives for sheet metal notching machines.

We supply blades according to the requested and desired geometry as well as the requirements for the cutting materials and thickness, including possibility of cutting of hard materials like Weldox or Hardox.


F-GRINDER semi-automatic / automatic grinding machine for sharpening of punches and dies

F-GRINDER semi-automatic / automatic grinding machine for sharpening of punches and dies for punching press

The machine is designed especially for regrinding of punching tools without the necessities to use of any adapters and any external machinery. The wide range of possibilities allows to use the machine even if you use different tooling systems in production. Is used for all main tooling systems for punching tools as well as THICK TURRET, Thin Turret AMADA, TRUMPF STYLE, Multitool, special punches and dies, including possible angle grinding (whisper) or rooftop.

The machine has stand-alone construction so you do not need any other bench or table. The main postament is used to hide the electric cabinet and allows to use the machine according to the height of the operator. The internal coolant system removes the heating from the working zone. The machine is equipped with Multi-language Siemens Touch Screen panel.


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