Press brake tools greetings

press brake tools installed on press brake machine

Today we received some photos from Australia about new installation of our tooling on press brake. International trading is very cool because has no borders and your goods could pass the way on several thousand km to arrive to the customer.

We like to have feedback from our customers, projects are never ending with the payment of invoice, issue of transport note and goods supplies. Customer satisfied, work, like — this is more complete story and moreover we are trying to do all to make our customers to return with the new order, new application and new task we can achieve together. Italian brands and products are quite effective for quality, price level and support so we usually think it is mutual interest for all.

Industrial market is more “close” world, nobody like to share their production even for simple things, just some several photos of jobshop, machines and technologies used if necessary. That is why mainly we supply a lot of orders but we are quite limited to see the photo of our press brake tools or other tooling installed directly on the machine or some application. And some customers are so quite skilled with all the products, they even do not tell what they want tools for, they just pointing everything they need and how it will be made.

Now, in 2022 we are planning to remodernize our marketing and Internet activities so you will read more about us, we will try to share more information, moreover we have some accounts of our partners who will publish more about our work and work of metal processing world. Stay tuned, greets from Italy!

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